Roy Bealey

Roy Bealey

Fisheries Director

Roy is a Fisheries Scientist and has spent most of his career researching and improving the management of fisheries capturing large pelagic fish species. His work has covered recreational, artisanal and commercial fisheries, with the majority of experience gained within developing states of Africa and the Caribbean. There, he managed a variety of regional fishery projects in coordination with private donors, the Global Environment Facility (GEF), World Bank, United Nations and various NGOs. 

He enjoys finding dynamic solutions to the challenges that come with managing valuable fish stocks that are internationally shared by diverse stakeholders. Before joining IPNLF, Roy was a consultant with the FAO, where he spent the last three years consulting on a variety of fishery and seafood trade issues for the Western Central Atlantic Fisheries Commission (WECAFC). 

Roy leads IPNLF’s Fisheries Team in implementing initiatives aimed at improving fishery operations and the social and environmental benefits they provide to reliant communities. These include third party certification, supply chain traceability and transparency initiatives, as well as projects that focus on promoting social consideration and adding value to small-scale operations. 

Roy holds a MSc degree in Marine Fisheries Science from Rhodes University in South Africa.

My focus is to co-develop innovative fishery management and trade systems that leverage market demands and use transparency to ensure that sustainable activities make socio-economic sense to responsible fishery stakeholders. I believe that we can only achieve sustainable fisheries through a holistic approach to fisheries management and trade, while empowering states and their stakeholders to have a direct and informed influence on the decision making process. In order to have long-lasting and positive impacts, the efficient and responsible use of marine resources is key to turning the tide on stock declines, and the benefits must be equitably shared among fishers and stakeholders throughout the value chains they supply. 

Roy Bealey (Fisheries Director)