What is pole and line tuna?

Pole and line caught tuna improves lives, protects the oceans and provides a meal. One hook, one line and one fisherman: tuna are caught one at a time, providing jobs with no bycatch. Watch pole and line fishing in action!

Indonesia fisheries to enter MSC assessment!

Indonesia’s Ministry of Fisheries have announced that their pole-and-line and handline fisheries will enter into MSC full assessment by the end of 2015. Read more about their announcement here!

Who we are, what we do

We are an international charity committed to a future where coastal fishing communities and their fisheries thrive. Our mission is to develop socially and environmentally responsible pole and line fisheries, and demonstrate their value. Find out more about us.

Become a member

Whether you’re a fishing association, processor, distributor or retailer, by becoming a member of IPNLF you can contribute to sustainable tuna stocks and support thriving coastal communities worldwide. Find out more about IPNLF’s members.

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